Rest Day in Quito

Monday, July 18, 2011: I had originally planned to see a bit of Quito today, but with all the travel lately (and still coming), I've decided to spend most of the day catching up on writing my trip report.

Dawn Light on the Pool
Dawn Light on the Pool

I did walk a bit on the hotel grounds, adding Black Flowerpiercer and Sparkling Violetear to my hotel list. I then wrote up one more day before having breakfast. The breakfasts at the Sebastian were pretty meager. I don't remember this in the past, and it may be that we were just too early. The breakfasts at the Quito are a different matter entirely.

Breakfast was in the Techo del Mundo restaurant, which occupies the top (7th) floor of the hotel. There's a great view of Quito, and a fabulous buffet. Fruit, cereral, juices, bacon, hams, eggs (scrambled or custom), cheeses, potatos, a tamale dish similar to that we had at San Isidro, a variety of breads, a stew-like beef dish, and other items were available.

After breakfast, I again walked the hotel garden, this time with binoculars. I added a pair of Brown-backed Chat-Tyrants to my hotel list. The Chat-Tyrants, Flowerpiercers, and Violetear were all feeding in bottlebrush. This gave an opportunity for prolonged viewing of these birds, something that is not always possible with the group.

Hotel Garden Hotel Garden
Hotel Garden

Most of the rest of the day has been spent organizing and writing the draft Ecuador trip report. I got done around 3:30.

I met up with much of the group at dinner. Paul Greenfield recognized me almost immediately, although he wasn't sure about my name. I also met two of the three Galápagos leaders. One gave me a name tag, the first time I've seen them used on a birding trip. Of course, it is a much bigger group than the typical birding trip.

I stayed for the birdlist. Today, they visited Milpe and Séptimo Paraíso (where they stayed). There was a lot of overlap with our trip. Afterwards, Paul showed us a couple of his prints and some of the original artwork for the field guide. I noticed that the colors are not quite the same as in the book.

Hotel Quito, Quito